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Good Memories in the Making™

Firm handshakes. Friendly smiles. Being remembered by name. The most memorable moments in a day are often both simple and authentic.

With quality ingredients, recognizable brands and a genuine commitment to the absolute best customer experiences, Smucker Away From Home solutions show your customers just how much you care about the details.

From the top of a biscuit to the bottom of a cup, our spreads, beverages, snacks and pet products bring an extra ounce of joy to the moments shared at your place.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Making good on our promises.

We believe in community.

Our company exists as part of a global, social and public environment, and our continued success and sustainability are dependent on the success and sustainability of the local, regional national, and even global communities of which we are a part.

We do what’s best for consumers.

As a market leader in the U.S. coffee category through our Folgers®, Café Bustelo® and 1850® brands, we purchase most of our coffee from major suppliers and countries with highly developed production standards.

We do what’s right for the planet.

The J.M. Smucker liquid coffee production plant in Suffolk, VA has sent no waste to a landfill since May 2010 thanks to a practice of burning spent coffee grounds to re-generate fuel and recycling, composting or using all other wastes in a waste-to-energy incinerator. Water re-use in the coffee grounds handling system also reduces reliance on fresh water by more than 10 gal/min, helping to save well over 1 million gallons per year as compared to systems using only fresh water.

We support family farms.

Ensuring the highest-quality berries are harvested, we source hand-picked strawberries from California, the nation's leading producer of strawberries, and hand-picked grapes from Washington state. In fact, growing is a family business! We work with a number of third-generation famers as some of our long-term grower relationships.

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Business & Industry

Find the branded beverages, snacks and spreads that appeal to today’s multi-generational workforce.

College & University

Choose beverages, snacks and spreads that satisfy students all across campus—in cafeterias, micromarkets, catered events and beyond.


Fuel more sales with center-store essentials that are household names and innovative snacking items that create buzz.


Explore branded solutions that have broad appeal and deliver on nutritional requirements and taste preferences for patients or residents, visitors and staff.


From branded lobby coffee solutions to in-room snacks and beverages, explore solutions that attract more guests.

K-12 Schools

Find solutions that capitalize on evolving trends and keep students happy while working within nutritional guidelines.

Office Manager

Employees’ needs are always changing—find snacks and beverages that make your breakroom a go-to destination.

Office Coffee Service

Help your customers find coffee solutions and snacks that keep employees on-site throughout the workday.


Demonstrate your overall commitment to quality with the brands guests love on the tabletop.