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As the coffee brand more people choose to drink at home,1 the rich flavor and aroma of Folgers® coffee is more than a beverage—it’s a tradition. Deliver comfort to every resident while finding comfort in the ease delivering Folgers with the Select Brew® Coffee System.

Did you know?

59% of consumers consider the food and beverage quality when making healthcare decisions.2 Learn how coffee impacts satisfaction!

Coffee for every need.

From roast and ground varieties to on-demand coffee systems, we can help you find the right Folgers solution for your facility.

The number of coffee-loving seniors continues to grow. In fact, by 2035 all baby boomers will be older than age 65, and the population of Americans 65+ will exceed 78 million.3 Attract your fair share of this growing market by offering quality options that matter to them.

  • More than half of healthcare consumers enjoy iced coffee, in addition to hot brewed regular or decaf coffee.2
  • 50% of healthcare consumers say brand-name beverage offerings are important to them.4
  • Top preferred beverages include: fresh squeezed juices, hot brewed regular or decaf coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes and iced tea.2
  • Consumers say healthcare facilities generally offer a good mix of food and beverage items, but there is opportunity to offer more beverage options.2

Why Folgers?

With familiar, great tasting coffee residents have enjoyed for years, Folgers helps delight residents in every cup.

Why Select Brew?

With the brand, roasts and beverage options residents want, the Select Brew Coffee System makes it easy to satisfy residents. Deliver comforting consistency to every resident while finding comfort in the ease delivering Folgers with the Select Brew Coffee System.