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Foodservice Industry Trends

Read our top news picks for the latest trends you need to know to grow your business.

  • Smucker AFH Trend Brief: Better For You Snacks

    Smucker AFH Trend Brief: Better For You Snacks

    Snacking is becoming more ingrained in consumers’ everyday eating behaviors. One reason is because 40% of consumers believe that snacks are part of a healthful diet. Snacking healthfully can supply energy and nutrition needed to get through the day, which is especially key for consumers’ increasingly on-the-go lifestyles.

  • Smucker Away From Home Breakfast Brief: Kids Menus

    Smucker Away From Home Breakfast Brief: Kids Menus

    Two-fifths of consumers (40%) have a child who has ordered a kids breakfast item at a restaurant or other foodservice location in the past year. Unsurprisingly, the two generations with the highest percentages for this statement and most likely to have children at home are millennials (59%) and Gen Xers (53%). Since increasing numbers of millennials in particular are having children, numerous restaurants have been focusing efforts on revamping and expanding kids menus over recent years to draw in these parents; in fact, the number of kids breakfast items increased 8.2% over the last year, per Technomic’sMenuMonitor.

  • Senior Living

    Senior Living

    Senior living facilities —which include assisted living, skilled nursing, long-term care and short-term care —comprise a sizeable portion of the healthcare industry. Although traditionally associated more with medical services, many of these establishments are modernizing their foodservice programs to feature new restaurant-inspired formats.

  • Hospitals


    Hospitals are working hard to attain a favorable perception of their foodservice. One of the bigger challenges for hospitals is gauging consumers’ foodservice needs for three distinct types of diners —staff, visitors and patients. Each of these consumer groups has different demands and hospitals must find a way to cater their foodservice to fit everyone’s requirements.

  • Bakery Goods

    Bakery Goods

    Bakery goods are longstanding staples on breakfast menus. Although made with many of the same ingredients—such as eggs, flour, sugar and yeast—bakery goods come in a large array of types of offerings, from fried doughnuts to baked muffins to boiled bagels. Innovation within this menu category is occurring through flavor experimentation, new portion sizes, and mash-up novelties.

  • Better for You Breakfast Fare

    Better for You Breakfast Fare

    Consumers’ definitions of health reflect an ongoing evolution. Moving beyond the need for lower-calorie or lower-fat content in foods, restaurant goers look for breakfast offerings that offer functionality, freshness and the ability to impart a greater sense of well-being. This issue of Breakfast Brief will explore how particular health claims resonate with today’s consumers as well as ways operators can offer better-for-you fare on menus.

  • Non-Meat Proteins

    Non-Meat Proteins

    Protein has been a major buzzword in the Foodservice industry over the past few years. Some argue that protein is the most important nutrient at breakfast, giving diners an energizing and filling morning boost. But, protein needn’t come from only animal meat. Opportunities exist to experiment with a plethora of non-meat protein options and protein fusions (i.e., the blending of multiple proteins such as peanut butter and soy in smoothies) at breakfast, attracting both vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

  • Breakfast Handhelds

    Breakfast Handhelds

    Breakfast handhelds are essential at both restaurants and retailers. As today’s consumers increasingly request convenient foods to eat during the morning rush, operators need to fulfill morning cravings with satisfying on-the-go options. But, because menus are already inundated with breakfast handhelds, the challenge for operators is finding ways to differentiate their offerings to attract customers.

  • Breakfast Beverages

    Breakfast Beverages

    Beverage options on morning menus used to be slim, but today, breakfast drink selections abound. Operators are innovating all types of beverages through flavor experimentation and exciting new preparations. An opportunity exists to expand these types of breakfast beverages on menus and use them to drive sales in the morning.

  • Enhance Breakfast!

    Enhance Breakfast!

    When patrons have the ability to customize their meal, it results in true satisfaction. This issue of the Smucker Foodservice Breakfast Brief explores the evolving landscape of condiments, toppings, and sauces. Find out how to enhance the breakfast experience!