Brands in the Time of COVID-19

Consumers & Operators Are Feeling Anxious
Since the onset of COVID-19, uncertainty has ruled the marketplace. Today, 78% of consumers say they don’t know who to trust about the state of the pandemic.1 This insecurity, along with a host of other changes brought on by the pandemic, have dramatically altered the relationship between consumers and their sources of food and drinks. 

Foodservice establishments across the country have been doing what they can. They’re adjusting business models to stay afloat, while also following sanitation best practices in order to keep patrons safe and at ease. It’s a tall order that has left operators across segments as uneasy as their patrons. With the pandemic still ongoing, it is no surprise that the majority of operators say they are nervous about the future.2

Now, more than ever, familiar brands hold meaning for guests. Established brands are a marker of trustworthiness. Many consumers have familiar J.M. Smucker brands in their pantries at home, and the data shows they look for them when they’re away from home too. Right now, offering familiar, trusted brands can demonstrate an establishment’s commitment to quality.


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