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Today ¾ of consumers say sustainable practices are important in foodservice.1 Show you care by serving sustainably sourced coffees.
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A New Day

Reflective of our proud heritage and business growth, The J.M. Smucker Company's new corporate identity is an outward expression of our continued commitment to quality and innovative solutions.
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From the top of a biscuit to the bottom of a cup, our spreads, beverages and snacks are made with only the best stuff.

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Our Commitment to Doing Good

We believe in community.

We strive to be a company that is an integral part of the community by contributing our financial resources as well as our time, talent, energy, and enthusiasm.

We do what’s best for consumers.

As we continue to grow, we focus on providing consumers—students, patients, residents, employees and guests—with products that meet ever-changing needs and that are delicious, convenient and “Good and Good for All of Us.”

We do what’s right for the planet.

Environmental responsibility is a natural part of our heritage. Today, we incorporate environmental considerations into virtually every aspect of our operations, like our liquid coffee plant in Suffolk, VA which has sent no waste to landfills since May 2010.

We source ingredients responsibly.

We seek open, transparent and honest relationships with our suppliers, like third-generation strawberry farmers in California, to provide economically, environmentally and socially responsible products for customers.

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