Select Brew® Excellence Compact Touch Specialty Coffee System

How do you serve specialty coffee drinks without hiring a barista? The Excellence Compact Touch serves lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more all at the touch of a screen.  

  • Smart design fits small counter spaces 
  • Low to medium volume
  • One coffee variety + milk and chocolate 
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  Coffee + Milk Coffee + Milk + Chocolate
Regular/Decaf Espresso
Regular/Decaf Coffee
Regular/Decaf Americano
Regular/Decaf Coffee with Milk
Regular/Decaf Cappuccino
Flavor Cappuccino with Espresso  
Regular/Decaf Latte
Hot Milk
Hot Chocolate  
Hot Chocolate with Regular/Decaf Espresso  
Hot Water


Products and Features  Flow Rate and Hourly Capacity (12-oz cups with 10-oz fill)  Dispenser Weight (empty/filled tank) and Dimensions  Electrical / Water Supply 

ECT Model with and without chocolate hopper 

Coffee + milk or Coffee + milk + chocolate (1.25-L cartons only) 

Dispenses hot water 

Max cup size: 12 oz 

Flow rate: 0.26 oz/second 

Hourly capacity: Cold water inlet @ 55°F: 50 cups/hour 

48.5 lbs 

H: 22" 

W: 15" 

D: 16" 


15 amp circuit 

1400 W 

1/4" - 3/8" water line 

Cold only 15-145 psi 




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