Select Brew® C-60 Specialty Coffee System

With four coffee beverage selections, including specialty drinks made with real milk, the Select Brew C-60 delivers premium coffee experiences at the touch of a button.

  • Low to medium volume
  • One coffee variety + milk or two coffee varieties
  • Hot coffee
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  Decaf / Coffee Milk / Coffee Milk / Decaf
Black Coffee  
Whipped Coffee  
Cafe Latte    
Coffee with Milk    
Decaf Black Coffee  
Decaf Espresso  
Decaf Whipped Coffee  
Decaf Cappuccino    
Decaf Cafe Latte    
Decaf Coffee with Milk    
Hot Water
Products and Features Flow Rate and Hourly Capacity (12-oz cups with 10-oz fill) Dispenser Weight (empty/filled tank) and Dimensions Electrical / Water Supply
  • Traditional or specialty coffee

  • 1 coffee variety plus milk or 2 coffee varieties (1.25-L cartons only)

  • Dispenses hot water

  • Max cup size: 12 oz.

  • Flow rate: 30 oz/minute

  • Hourly capacity: Cold water inlet @ 55°F: 55 cups/hour

54 lbs/59 lbs

H: 26.6"

W: 16.5"

D: 15.7"


15 amp circuit

3/8" water line

10–100 psi

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