The Ultimate Fall Inspo for Your Menu

Leaves are changing, your menu should too. We’ve got tons of ideas ready to help you sweep fall lovers off their feet this season.

this fall's coffee flavors

Consumers have long marked the changing seasons with seasonally flavored coffee. One of the most popular flavors of them all is pumpkin—enter the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Now-ubiquitous pumpkin flavor isn’t going anywhere, but you can easily differentiate further.

  • Try combos like pumpkin pistachio or pumpkin marshmallow mocha.
  • Try hot new fall flavors like pomegranate, butterscotch or toasted almond mocha syrups.
  • If you use a self-serve system like Select Brew®, let customers personalize their own beverages further by putting fall-flavored syrups and spices in reach.
  • Feature coffee in dessert form with this Pumpkin Tiramisu recipe.

We’ve made it really easy to roll out your autumnal coffee lineup. The Folgers® Flavors Program brings you free Monin® Syrups with your Folgers purchase (along with other perks like recipes and merchandise). Contact us to order your free Monin samples.

pb all spiced up

Many fall flavors center on spices, but there’s untapped autumn potential in one back-of-house ingredient: peanut butter. For a speed-scratch crowd pleaser that will differentiate your menu this season, try spicing up rich, high-quality Jif® spreads. In their 2022 Pumpkin Spice Season report, Datassential encourages operators to go beyond pumpkin spice, exploring ingredients like Vietnamese cinnamon, spicy ginger and allspice. Use festive flavors—like cinnamon maple, gingerbread and allspice—mixed with peanut butter as a decadent breakfast topping on pancakes, waffles and French toast. Or, for those with a sweet tooth, try drizzling it over ice cream or brownies for a fall twist on desserts.

Check out this Peanut Butter Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for a glimpse at what’s possible.

jams, jellies, & preserves

Bulk jams, jellies and preserves provide a simple and efficient way to add seasonal flavors to your menu. For example, grape is a classic fall flavor, and Smucker’s® grape jelly complements grilled cheese and bread pudding for an approachable autumn twist on familiar favorites. Smucker’s new 8-8.25 lb. bulk pouches make cooking with jams, jellies and preserves simpler than ever by taking up significantly less space in storage and allowing for safer and simplified use.

global flavor inspiration

Fall flavor trends have long focused on flavors grounded in American traditions like Thanksgiving—e.g., pumpkin spice, maple, salted caramel, apple cider, apple pie, hazelnut and sage. However, each U.S. generation is increasingly diverse, and holiday flavors have followed suit with global influence. For an exciting fall menu update, consider introducing approachable globally inspired fall flavors like miso caramel, black sesame, cardamon, Ube, pistachio and kabocha squash.

When it comes to creating the perfect fall edit for your menu, The J.M. Smucker Co. can support you every step of the way. From flavor inspiration to base ingredients for your autumnal dishes, we’re here to help you serve guests new fall comforts they won’t soon forget.

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